Battery Masters is a division of Paddoe Energy Nigeria Limited which was duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission on March 2012. Battery Masters has expertise on battery regeneration, buying of scrap/condemn batteries.

We regenerate to restore capacity to the following types of batteries.

  • Deep Cycle-General
  • Deep Cycle-GEL
  • Deep Cycle-AGM
  • Deep Cycle (2.36V/Cell)
  • Deep Cycle (2.38V/Cell)
  • Deep Cycle (2.35V/Cell)
  • Car Start-General
  • Car Start-GEL
  • Car Start-AGM
  • All types of Lead-Acid Batteries

For all Kinds of

  • Solar Inverter Batteries
  • Car/Vehicle Batteries
  • Forklift Batteries
  • Golf Cart Batteries
  • Heavy Duty Equipment Batteries
  • Boat, Vessels and Train Batteries
  • Telecom Tower Batteries
  • UPS Batteries and many more
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After regeneration, the battery life span will be extended to 2 to 3yrs which traditional charger cannot do.

When batteries are stored in an uncharged state for an extended period, lead sulfur or GEL deposits form and harden on the lead plates inside the battery, this makes the battery sulfated, but our battery regenerating machine when applied to the battery to flake-off the sulfates from the plates making it to dissolve back into sulfuric acid, thereby restoring the capacity of the battery as if it is bought new.

Apart from battery regenerators applied to the battery that has been stored in an uncharged condition, it is also applied to batteries that are aging due to usage, making it not to function optimally, resulting to less efficiency.


  • Extension of battery service life and decrease of operating expenses.
  • Optimization of working hours due to the decreased need for battery charging.
  • Environment preservation due to the decreased need for replacement of worn- out batteries.


  • Pulse Technology
  • Charging of cells segment using power supply
  • Discharge of voltage level when needed


  • Battery condition Testing/Diagnosis: This determines the internal condition of the battery, to know if the battery has a cell damage.
  • Power Supply: To power the battery if voltage is low.
  • Regeneration: To renew life span of the battery.


  • Our Regenerator machine cannot regenerate on renew disposal batteries ( Batteries that have battery cell issues i.e. Cell cut, Cell Corrosion or Decay)
  • Batteries with destroyed terminals or electrodes (Cathode and Anode Terminal)

Come and explore our High Frequency Pulse Regeneration Technology and save yourself money. Do not trash your crap batteries, sell them to us.