Paddoe Energy Nigeria Limited considers Nigerian Content important to our facility management activities, and therefore completely subscribe to the spirit and letter of the Nigerian Content Development Policy of the Federal Government of Nigeria which seeks to increase the value addition of indigenous companies to 70%. Paddoe Energy Nigeria Limited intends to leverage on this policy to achieve our growth strategy.

Local Content Strategy

In order to contribute towards the achievement of the Nigerian Content Development policy of the federal Government of Nigeria, Paddoe Energy Nigeria Limited adopts the following local content strategies:


Paddoe Energy Nigeria Limited shall ensure the absolute use of materials made in or available in Nigeria provided it satisfies the requisites quality and safety conditions. Our target is to achieve at least 97% sourcing of materials for our operations in Nigeria.


As much as practicable, all technical managerial and other manpower requirements shall be sourced locally. Our target is 90%.


To help achieve an almost 100% local management utilization policy, Paddoe Energy Nigeria Limited organizes regular training of staff to equip them with the relevant skills and competences to meet the challenges of their jobs.


Equipment for the carrying out of facility management services shall be procured from Nigeria. To this end we shall maintain a register of equipment supplying companies and shall regularly update this register to ensure that we adequately explore all possible sources of local supply of equipment. Where all of these measures reveal that equipment is not available in Nigeria, then we shall procure such equipment from outside Nigeria. Given the above strategy, we expect to achieve 97% local content in area of procurement of equipment.